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© copyright 2024. All Rights Reserved.
I Am
Sameh Abd El Salam

And now I am the owner and founder for XINFINITY Adertising a company that specialaized in Branding and Digital Marketing, I work as a graphic designer / web designer since 2002, and I concern my self lucky to start my graphic designer career in this era, because the limited resources the only way to be creative is to push your limitation harder to achive the level of creativity that satisfy you.

Since 2002 I worked in may differants field in the advertising, and here is some titels I worked with Graphic designer, Web designer, Illustrator, Animator, 3D Event Designer, Photographer and monter

I started my freelancing career in 2006 and after two years I created my company XINFINITY , after all this years of working and experience I found a lot of young graphic designer who stragel in how to start in the advertising career or can’t really evaluate or upgrade them self that’s why starting from 2024 and after almost 22 years.

I decided to give 20% of my time to educate and train the new graphic designers and give theme a short cut to start from where I ended and in years I will increase this percentage until it became more than 50% if you want to hear my whole story click here

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CEO Of Xinfinity Advertising Agency

My Achievement

Years of Experice
Visual Design
Logo Design
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What I Do

My Projects

Xinfinity Advertising Agency

Since 2008, specialized in  Branding and Digital Marketing Solutions

Aqar Masr

Is a real estate search engine in Egypt, through which you can search for properties for sale or properties for rent, including apartments and villas.

3al El Naasya

A satirical Egyptian cartoon that tells the reality we live in every day. Each character in the cartoon represents characters present in our lives

Kitchen Master

Is a cloud kitchen the menu is based on Burgers and fried chicken sandwiches and  it serve only Mohandesen, Doki & Zamalik

Review Bel Masry

Is a youtube channel me and my friend ezz to talk about games and anime and share our reviews. it is just for fun

Erkab maaya

Is a channel on YouTube driving through Egypt streets with high-quality photography and Egyptian songs from the good old days.

My Work
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My Courses

Adobe Essential

Photoshop Essential
Illustrator Essential
Indesign Essential

Adobe Advanced

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Logo Design
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Stationary Design
Social Media Design
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Web Design
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3D Coloring

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My Working Fields

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Illustrator
  • Animator
  • 3D Event
  • Designer
  • Photographer
  • Video Editor

Our Location

  • 231D – Hadayk el ahramm
  • Giza, Egypt

© copyright 2024. All Rights Reserved.
© copyright 2024. All Rights Reserved.