Sameh Abd EL Salam سامح عبد السلام

Full name Sameh Abd al-Salam Muhammad, I was born in 1987 in Al-Giza, Egypt, and it was from my childhood that I love drawing and coloring, and it was my dream to make a cartoon series because I love cartoons, and I always wanted to know how they make cartoons, and because I was interested in computer games, I became proficient with computers And the internet, which was very difficult to use these days and very expensive, I was able to download the free version of the Macromedia Flash program, which was specially designed to create cartoon movies, and over time I learned a lot about the Flash program, as well as Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Freehand.

And in 2002, I worked web designer and animator in Access with the Flash program, in  2003, I worked part-time as an illustrator in  Khozaydam for publishing children’s books.

In 2004, I graduated from high school and left the Access company after mastering Flash, HTML, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, and Macromedia Freehand. in 2004 I started to work in Delemon Magazine as a graphic designer to design a monthly magazine, publishing if on the web and sometime shooting places,

In 2006, I moved to AND CREATIVE and there I learned a lot in the world of manufacturing, execution, and printing designs, and the nature of the work was difficult, there was always pressure at work, so I had to develop myself and work faster, and this pressure made me develop quickly in all areas of the design, and because we were using photoshop to design 3D products which it was very hard, I started learning programs to produce 3D designs such as 3D Max and Maya to model and design booths and stands.

In 2008 I worked at the SCOPE company and I worked as a senior graophic designer there I taught myself the Cinema 4D program because it worked on the Mac system and also the Adobe After Effect program and in addition to website design with the Dream Weaver program and HTML. CSS3.

late in 2008 a lot of advertising started to ask me for help in specific things, that’s why I thought how about creating a company to provide advertising agencies with solutions and creative designs that’s why i started Xinfinity.

In 2009 and until the end of 2011, I worked at O2 Propaganda and there the focus was on working on magazines and newsletters, which led me to learn the Indesign program I worked there as an Art director and I also learned new techniques in product photography and how to interact with cameras.

I started the company Xinfinity, which is a thriving company, and I decided to devote all my time to the company and develop it and create a professional team in all fields, and indeed we began to develop, and I was working at the company Tawasul Communication as a technical director and marketing consultant, but the revolution did not start and the country died.

In 2011, I returned to & Creative once again as a Art Director, and Xinfinity is limited only to supporting advertising and advertising partners,

In 2012 and until 2014, I worked at Influence Communications as an Art Director and after 2 years I decided to dedicate my time to Xinfinity Advertising and to start dealing with all kinds of clients not only the advertising agency